Sweets Without Honor (仁義なきスイーツ, Jingi Naki Suītsu) is the 2nd episode of Blend S, which premiered on October 14, 2017. This is where Maika tries to be kinder to customers, resulting in her becoming a much better sadist.


Maika attempts to become a better waitress, and decides to practice smiling to the customers. The customers love how sadistic her smile is. Following this, Maika scares an English speaking customer. Akizuki tests the idea of female customers, by having Maika and Kaho feed each other dessert, and Mafuyu fights with Dino over a magical girl figurine.

The Stile staff hold their seasonal tradition: deciding on a new menu item via a competition between two teams. Team Mafuyu and Maika's parfait tastes awful. The customers love this "sadistic play", which Maika accentuates by sweetly asking if it tastes nice. So, her team wins the competition, despite making a dessert which can't be added to the menu.

Having won the competition, Maika says her prize is having fun with her friends. On the other hand, Mafuyu's prize is dressing up Maika in Magical Girl Frill's outfit and taking many photos.


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