Rainy and Then Windy (雨のちカゼ, Ame Nochi Kaze) is the 5th episode of Blend S. The episode premiered on November 4, 2017.


It's ponytail day, so the cafe staff have all formed their hair into ponytails. Maika has problems with static electricity due to her hair being so thin, so Dino gives her a foreign treatment for her hair. Later on a rain storm prompts Dino to walk Maika to the train station. Meanwhile Kaho and Akizuki both stay late due to being adsorbed in a mobile game, and are accidentally locked in the break room by Dino. The following day Dino is distraught because Maika has a bad cold from the rain, so him, Kaho, and Mafuyu decide to pay her a visit. During the visit they meet Maika's older brother and sister, Kōichi and Aika, who are surprised to find that Maika has friends. They mistake Dino for Maika's boyfriend, with their "interrogation" of him for information ends up occurring Maika's wrath. 


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