Owner Inauguration, Sister Attack (オーナー就任、シスター襲来, Ōnā Shūnin, Shisutā Shūrai) is the ninth episode of Blend S. The episode premiered on December 2, 2017.


Maika brings a big stray dog she found to Café Stile. Unfortunately, she can't keep the dog at home because her siblings hate dogs. Maika looks for someone to adopt it, but doesn't find any takers. Eventually, Dino is pressed into taking care of the dog named "Owner", whose menacing eyes resemble Maika's, at his place, at least until a willing owner can be found. However, Dino regretted his decision because he was forced to walk the dog in the morning. Meanwhile, Maika decides to bake sweets for Dino to show her appreciation. Later, Maika's older sister Aika comes to visit her at work. Aika was impressed when she saw her sister doing a good job at serving the customers with her sadism. But, Aika threatens Dino with a spear, thinking that he made Maika cry. However, Maika told her that he was only cheering her up, so Aika apologized for jumping into conclusions. As Aika returns home, Maika's brother Kōichi was hiding while crying about not being invited to Cafe Stile. Then, the cafe staff notices that Dino has gained weight, which turns out it was Maika who gave him too much sweets. The next day, in order to lose weight, Dino was once again forced to walk the dog, Owner. 


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