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Owner is a dog that currently lives with Dino.


Owner is a dog with brown and white fur, a type of Husky mixed breed.

Maika later gave him a yellow bandanna to wear around his neck as a present.


Owner is mostly happy and likes to go on walks.

However, he is friendly dog always happy around Maika Sakuranomiya and sometimes Owner likes to lick Dino who takes care of him.

That being said, he's known to have more of a 'jerkish' side to him, such as him biting Dino for no reason when he and Maika were at the park or threatening to dismantle Dino's figures if he didn't give him walks. He also tends to have a mind of his own, namely feigning innocence.


  • Owner was found by Maika but adopted by Dino who was pressured into doing so by the staff.