Mafuyu Hoshikawa is another waitress at Cafe Stile who is actually a sophomore college student but plays the younger sister character because of her rather petite figure. Her real personality is mature and she rarely shows emotion, but easily gets excited whenever her favorite series, Aisatsu (Magical Frill in the anime), is involved. She has a younger brother who is taller than her, and she has always wanted a younger sister.


Despite her cute character at Stile, she is a mature girl who is sometimes irritated because of Dino. In one or two episodes, she is irritated at Dino because he watched anime the whole night and he got sleepy at work, because of that she kept hitting him in the head. The other time is when Kaho Hinata went to the arcade and wasted her money from winning many times in the arcade or when she and Dino found "Magical Frill" figurine and she and Dino fought for the figurine by playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors". She won the "Magical Frill" figurine, only because she punched Dino so hard.

She also gets irritated if she was told that if she drinks beer, it looks bad, because of elementary student height. She is somewhat envious of more well-endowed characters as shown with Kaho, who is both taller and more developed, which causes Mafuyu to state she can't be a younger sister figure to her because of those things.


Mafuyu is the yellow imouto maid with the classic, regular uniform matched with the white gloves, stockings, and head accessory. Mafuyu has short brown hair down to her face and purple eyes. She is usually seen with a straight face who rarely smiles unless she gets into character.


  • Her favorite anime is Magical Frill.
  • Her Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • She is the fourth oldest of the staff.
  • In episode 12 we see that she was brought in to the cafe by meeting Dino in the park. Originally she tried calling the police but Dino picked her up and brought her to the cafe.
  • Mafuyu drinks alcohol.


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