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Kaho Hinata is a 17-year-old waitress at Stile who acts as the tsundere.


Kaho is a teenage girl of average height, with blue eyes, and long blonde hair tied into twintails. Her work attire is a blue version of the Stile uniforms.

She is noted for being attractive and possessing an extremely well-endowed figure, which is often a source of teasing or jealously from Mafuyu.


She loves playing video games and often visits arcades, but this usually causes her to quickly run out of money. Although she plays the tsundere girl, Kaho's real personality is that of a carefree, kind and cheerful person. She has trouble keeping up her tsundere persona when customers are discussing video games, feeling the need to join in.

When her love of games is brought up, Kaho will actually behave like a true tsundere which gets her teased by the other workers.

She is currently the most popular waitress at Stile because of her love for games and tsundere acts.

She gets scared very easily as shown when she was stuck in a dark room and clung to Kōyō for safety.


  • The "Ka" () in her name means "Summer"
  • She appears to have played a romance style game before, as she recalls a scene where a male character offers her to hold onto him during the blackout in Stiles, where she and Kōyō Akizuki were locked inside the break room.
  • She seems to hold some romantic feelings for Akizuki.
  • Her Zodiac sign is Leo, and her blood type is B.


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