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Kōyō Akizuki is the 21-year-old chef at Cafe Stile.


He is a young man of average height, has green hair and slanted blue eyes with noticeably small pupils. He is mostly seen wearing the chef's uniform but has been seen in casual wear throughout the anime.

He is noted for his usual unemotional expression, which coincides with his serious nature.


Kōyō is one of the more level-headed workers at Stile, even though he has comical moments such as when he admitted to being an otaku and his love of Yuri; as well as his desire to see female customers being friendly to each other so he can imagine it.

Kōyō is slightly embarrassed by the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend after the manager asked him to bring her as he sadly stated he didn't have one.

While Kaho plays a tsundere because that is part of her job and her character setting, Kōyō is the true tsundere out of all the staff in Stile, as despite appearing deadpan and unmoved most of the time, he gets flustered easily and has a decent capacity to care for others, particularly Kaho, who he often ends up in different situations together. He is repeatedly noted by Kaho that he is a better tsundere than she is, which predictably, gets him flustered.


  • He is a fan of a group called "Hanazono Folder" which is, in fact, being run by Miu Amano, the founder.
  • He seems to hold some romantic feelings for Kaho, due to their common interests and comedic situations they have ended up together in.
  • Calling the police on Dino is practically his pastime.
  • He tends to call everyone by their last name, apart from Kaho.


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