I'll Teach You (おしえて、あ・げ・る, Oshiete Ageru) is the tenth episode of Blend-S. The episode premiered on December 9, 2017.


A customer of Café Stile confesses his affection to Mafuyu. However, not only is there a considerable height difference between them, but the gap between the character she plays for the customers and her true self is so wide that Mafuyu goes immediately into rejection mode. Mafuyu's little brother, on the other hand, worries that his sister will never have a boyfriend. Meanwhile, when Kaho's string of failing marks at school has prompted her mother to ban all video games unless she can get an average score or higher on a big makeup test, Mafuyu agrees to supervise Kaho's study sessions. The next day, Kaho spent all night studying she couldn't get enough sleep. Mafuyu then gives Kaho a makeover to cover her baggy eyes. But all of a sudden, Mafuyu also gave Kouyou a makeover after falling for Hideri's trick. The next day, Kaho finally passed her make-up test with a higher score. Mafuyu was proud of Kaho for passing the test, though she told her that the next time they go to a different cafe, Kaho must study hard in order for her to not fail the test again. Post-credits, Kaho was drinking a black coffee while telling Maika that it was a flavor from "a big sister". 


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