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Good at Tsundere, Bad at Cornering (ツンデレ上手、壁ドンは下手, Tsundere Jōzu, Kabe Don wa Heta) is the eleventh episode of Blend-S. The episode premiered on December 16, 2017. [1]


On their day off, Dino goes to the park with Maika and the dog, Owner. The time he spends with Maika is like a dream, while Owner falls in love with another dog. Maika and Owner have similar problems. Meanwhile, at Café Stile, Kaho is extremely depressed after accidentally deleting all the data from her favorite video game. Akizuki makes things worse with his usual lack of delicacy, but then tries to console Kaho. He makes a strawberry parfait for her, only to find Kaho gleeful about a plushy a customer gave to cheer her up. Through Dino, Kaho realized that he made that parfait for her. She will look forward to eating it next time, and Akizuki surpasses her at being Tsundere.

Later, Dino wanted to confess his feelings for Maika by cornering, but his attempt was pitifully bad. Wingman Hideri's efforts are wasted. Dino tries cornering Maika again during work, but she angrily told him to move away, causing him to be depressed. Post-credits, Maika feels regret for being mad at him, so she corners him while apologizing, thus making Dino feel better and creating an awkward role reversal. [2]





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