First-Time Super Sadist (はじめてのドS, Hajimete no Do Esu) is the 1st episode of Blend S, which aired on October 7, 2017. This is where Maika finally gets a job because her intimidating glare somehow turns into a benefit.


Maika Sakuranomiya wants to gain a part-time job so she can earn enough money to study abroad, but she is constantly getting rejected for placements due to the menacing look she often gains in her eyes. One day she happens upon Cafe Stile, a coffee shop where the Italian manger, Dino, becomes infatuated with her menacing look and wants her to be the "sadist" waitress for the cafe. Maika perfectly, yet mostly through her own clumsiness, serves a pair of masochist customers under this persona, and decides to take the position. She also meets and befriends Kaho Hinata, the tsundere waitress, and Mafuyu Hoshikawa, the younger sister waitress; spending the evening at the arcade with them after learning that the former is obsessed with video games. 


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