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Your new co-worker is a man.

Dino (ディーノ Dīno) is a 26-year-old Italian chef and the manager of Stile. He loves anime girls and figurines; he often stays up late to watch late night anime. His nose bleeds whenever he gets excited. Due to his attraction to black-haired Japanese girls, he develops an open crush on Maika Sakuranomiya, but she is oblivious to his feelings.


Dino is a tall, handsome and well-groomed pale-skinned young man with blond hair, blue eyes and perfect eyebrows. His uniform is a white button shirt with rolled sleeves up to his elbows, black pants, brown shoes and a black apron.


Maika Sakuranomiya

Dino doesn't take it well when he hears Maika may be dating someone. He also says he'll never let her quit, which is usually said in a cutesy manner but can probably be mistaken for this trope as well. He falls in love with Maika at first sight and then is thrilled when he runs into her again and hires her for his cafe. His actions pretty much show that he's only interested in her, though he does a terrible job at showing his romantic interest in her, such as when she thinks she's not doing her persona correctly at work, due to the things he says about it.


  • Dino's flat is directly above the cafe.
  • Dino is the temporary caretaker of Owner, the dog.
  • Kōyō Akizuki and Hideri Kanzaki are constantly forced to whip Dino's back in to shape after a failed confessions to Maika Sakuranomiya.
  • Dino has a talent for snowboarding.
  • Dino likes taking pictures of things that interest him.
  • Although Dino is the oldest and head of the staff, he is constantly pushed around by his staff.
  • Dino is willing to do anything Maika or her family says as he wants to impress her and look worthy in her family's eyes.
  • Maika frequently bakes him treats, and this caused him to gain weight for one episode.
  • Mafuyu Hoshikawa constantly hurts him either to get him to get himself together or for no particular reason.
  • Dino frequently sleeps in the cafe because of his obsession with watching anime in real-time.
  • Dino is never called by his real name (Dino) as they call him Manager.
  • Dino's zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • Mafuyu called the police on him when they first met.
  • In the manga, Dino caught Maika's cold after visiting her. This was not shown in the anime.


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