Busy with Bananas and Strawberries (バナナにイチゴで、いそがしい, Banana ni Ichigo de, Isogashii) is the 7th episode of Blend S. The episode premiered on November 18, 2017.


Before they opened the cafe, Kaho arrived and she is all tanned. Maika, on the other hand, only had a sunburn on her face. Then, Dino came up with an idea. The next day, it’s jungle day, and everything in Cafe Stile is a jungle. Maika was disappointed that she got the customers lost in the jungle, when suddenly, she saw Mafuyu in a monkey costume. Then, Maika and Kouyou watched the way Miu is feeding the customer with a banana. Later, Kouyou got irritated when he is getting lost, so as he pressed on, he ends up touching Kaho’s breast by accident. The following day, Dino is shocked that the cafe is all out of strawberries, so he and Maika went to the supermarket to buy more strawberries. Unfortunately, the strawberries were sold out, so they went to another supermarket, but to no avail, as every supermarket ran out of strawberries. Meanwhile, Kaho, Mafuyu, and Miu suggested the customers to order the banana crepes and orange tart in order to buy some time. Elsewhere, Maika finally found the last pack of strawberries, only to encounter a little girl who was then crying due to Maika’s glare. Fortunately, the little girl and her mother, charmed by Dino, suggested that he should buy that last pack of strawberries. On their way back, Maika felt bad about the way she glared at the little girl and was thinking about quitting her job, but Dino comforted her and told her that everyone likes her sadistic smile. Then, Dino was so happy for Maika that he was cross dressing as her, only to be arrested by the police for cross dressing in front of the public. Later that night, the cafe staff suggested that they should hire another staff member. The next day, a certain person is going for a job application at Cafe Stile. 


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