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A college friend of Mafuyu's who temporarily replaces an injured Akizuki as Stile's cook. She's shown to be a competent cook, but Mafuyu claims she has a troublesome personality. Ayato is also the lead vocalist of an all-female rock group, and hopes to forge a steady path as a musician with her band mates. Their live performances mostly attract women, which can be attributed to the popularity of Ayato herself.


Ayato has short, turquoise hair and is normally seen wearing boyish clothing. She is a bifauxnen, a female character type which looks like a pretty androgynous boy. This might be confusing, because her name is male. Following Blend-S naming rules, her family name contains 風, which means "wind".


When Ayato is not performing, she can be seen as being very casual and laid-back. However, her on-stage persona is much more intense, often singing with tremendous energy despite her corny lyrics. She has a tendency to take things very seriously—when hearing two of her adoring female fans jokingly scream that they want to "marry" her, Ayato begrudgingly asks the audience if there was a country that performed same-sex, bigamous marriages.


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