An Idol Character, Too (アイドル属性も、ついてます, Aidoru Zokusei mo, Tsuitemasu) is the eighth episode of Blend S. The episode premiered on November 25, 2017.


Hideri Kanzaki is hired as the cafe’s “idol” archetype, though Maika had to lend Hideri her waitress clothes since Dino does not have that one clothes just for Hideri. At first, the cafe staff thought Hideri is a girl, but then they were surprised that Hideri is actually a boy. Hideri explained to them that his dream is to become a cute idol despite his gender. The next day, Hideri learned about Dino’s feelings for Maika, so he suggested Dino to compliment Maika, though it ended in a bad result. During closing time, Dino finally confessed his feelings for Maika, though it was not what Hideri and Kouyou had in mind. The following day, Miu met up with Hideri, and then they went to a mall in order to buy a uniform for him, though they couldn’t find what was Hideri looking for. As the sun sets, Miu suggested that Hideri should ask Mafuyu if she has any outfits that she doesn’t need. The next day, Mafuyu makes Hideri dress up in a magical girl outfit, though he doesn’t want to wear it during work. Then, Mafuyu and Miu makes him wear a kindergarten uniform, much to Hideri’s dismay. Post-credits, it’s school day, so Miu is wearing a caretaker outfit while the rest are wearing the kindergarten uniforms, including Hideri, but then he wakes up from a nightmare that he had. 


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