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Maika has friends!?


Aika Sakuranomiya is the older sister of Maika Sakuranomiya.


Aika has purple eyes and long, straight black hair. She is of average height compared to her sister and brother. She usually puts on a kimono and considers it 'normal clothing'.


Aika is cute and a kind older sister. She cares for her family, and tends to worry about Maika's social life because of her scary eyes. This was seen when she met her friends and coworkers who came to visit her after she was sick and she took pictures of them to celebrate her growing social circle. Her care for her sister has been shown many times as she tries to help whenever she can. When Maika began to cry, Aika attacked Dino whom she blamed for her sister's sadness only to stop after it was another source and apologize immediately.

Like her sister and brother, Aika has a natural sadistic character. She mistakes Dino as Maika's boyfriend.


"Maika Has Friends?"