After the Date, Rated R (デートのち18禁, Dēto Nochi Jūhachi-kin) is the 3rd episode of Blend S, which premiered on October 21, 2017.


Maika reveals to Dino how her obsession with foreign cultures began after seeing a foreign visitor of her father's, and how it affected her childhood. Afterwards Dino goes on a date with Maika, although Maika invites Akizuki and Kaho along thinking it's a outing for the Stile staff. Dino tries to buy Maika a present, at the two's advise, which results in him and Maika buying each other matching gifts. Later, a hentai dōjinshi about a girl in bondage that a customer left behind causes problems for the Stile staff. They attempt to locate the owner by discreetly ask their customers about it, eventually putting up a notice about a lost "self-published book". The owner responds to the notice, and to everyone's surprise, is revealed to be a young woman. 


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